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 Bases and Stuff

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PostSubject: Bases and Stuff   Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:41 am

Much sooner than you all think we will be in a fight for our team and it'll decide if we ever live to be what we want to be. When this happens we will not be fighting some little team. We will be fighting some Top-Mid level teams, and maybe even more. Right now after spending two days going into bases, looking at slaves, I've found that our base is helf together by duck take and rubber bands. Rations are not given to bases, some bases have no nuke waste, some bases don't even have augs. I can think of a few dozen ways to kill each and every gal we have with some of them involving as little as three people. I see that this needs to be taken care of so I'm going to make a attempt to explain all of this.

To start it off every base needs rations and workers to survive anything. Every base should have enough workers to equip everything, and then 15 more after that. Most defense bases need about 65 Workers. To feed these workers you need Rations and they are extracted from Ration Extraction Bases. You need to set a slave to go to a Ration Base, buy Rations, and then sell Rations to your base. One helga slave is plenty for 65 workers. Then make sure your base buys Rations for 5 Credits, sells for 0. You need to have enough rations on your base at any moment (excluding first few days after deployment) so that it can continue to operate without any support from anything. Every base will need a different amount of workers to do this depending on how mant workers it has. To find this number take the amount of workers on the base (W), and multiply it by 0.6, multiply it by 24, multiply by 7, and them multiply by 2.

If this number is not a whole number round it up to the next while number. Then insert this number into the 'Always Keep This Many On hand' box. It should look something like the picture below. You may enter whatever you want into the 'Max Extract' and 'Max Buy' fields as long as it makes sense. Make sure to have the slave that is transferring the Rations have enough money, and is working.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Now that your base has enough Rations and Workers it's time to put something into it. There are four main types of bases.

1. Damage

2. Healing

3. Radar

4. Range


Aug Setup (Tech 14+)

  • 2 Damage
  • 1 Firing
  • 1 Range
  • Further augs can be Range, Firing, or Damage


Aug Setup (Tech 14+)

  • 1Assault
  • 2 Recovery
  • 1 Damage
  • Further augs can be Ranges and Recoveries


Aug Setup (Tech 14+)

  • 1 Firing
  • 1 Damage
  • 2 Range
  • Further augs can be Damage or Firing


Aug Setup (Tech 14+)

  • 1 Firing
  • 1 Radar
  • 1 Outpostor Radar
  • 1 Damage
  • Further augs can be Damage
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Bases and Stuff
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